With the ever increasing of traffic congestion and security threats, efficient monitoring and total control are of crucial importance for transportation. The only way to avoid chaos is good data gathering, monitoring, and planning, which presents a tough challenge for surveillance centers. Consequently, there are higher demands on every aspect of the visualization systems, displays in particular.

LED display makes everything in vision and control

My Choice LED‘s high-quality displays, together with world-class controllers and software, visually present real-time signals coming from highway sensors, vehicle GPS systems and other intelligent systems to the operators. This allows quick dispatch of emergency-response vehicles and makes it possible to anticipate traffic delays and divert traffic to alternate routes more efficiently.

As always, My Choice LED is dedicated to assisting you find the best solution in transportation.

Where to use My Choice LED’s products in the transportation industry?


Led displays are needed in areas from flight information display systems, way finding, drop off, security to parking, directories, entertainment, etc.


Integration with vandal resistant displays for facility entrances and exits, interiors and space counting.


Information display systems, way finding, security, advertisement, entertainment.

Traffic Management

Leading the way in intelligent arteries, freeways, bridges, tunnels, facilities and variable speed limits.

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