Going digitalized has become the top priority for educational institutions. One striking feature is that schools are now starting to integrate digital signs and information displays into their campus culture. As a trust-worthy supplier, My Choice LED offers extensive range of LED school signs and information displays that you can use in the educational field.

Make communication at school more sensible, timely and easy.

On campus a bunch of activities take place and loads of announcements are going on at any given time. So effective communication system has become a must. Our LED display signs are there to help. Whether it’s an announcement that convinces people to come to a big game or simply a weather condition reminder, you can communicate the information in a sensible, timely and topical manner with our LED display products.

Digitalize your campus.

LED school signs are the perfect outreach that your school is looking for and is an investment where returns are massive. Whether it is the hallway or the visitor center or the bookstore on your school campus, every room can benefit from digital displays. Many schools from kindergarten up to college have already incorporated this technology into their day-to-day lives and have seen major benefits.

Where to use My Choice LED’s products in schools from kindergarten to college?



Conference Room

We can also install outdoor LED sign welcoming boards to the school entrance or outdoor LED electronic scoreboards to welcome students, visitors, staff and parents.

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