Corporate and Lobby

To survive and thrive is nothing easy for businesses, especially in today’s changing, competitive world. Enhancing employee productivity and engaging clients and visitors become two major tasks that lies ahead. My Choice LED delivers brilliant LED displays specifically designed to fit any space or size to achieve these two goals.

Build a stronger team, and enhance employee productivity.

Our LED products help your staff better express and communicate themselves in discussions, meetings and briefings. Increased mobility, information overload and greater connectivity are what modernized visual technology can give you. Also, we offer trust-worthy visual solutions to help your personnel work together in an easy and natural way and at the same time unlock the great power of shared knowledge.

(Conference room)

Establish your corporate identity.

Image and identity is surely important for businesses, and their facilities are a vital part. Your new clients, employees-to-be and guests actually will have a first impression on your company with a glance even before the first handshake. My Choice LED offers lobby display solutions that are highly flexible and instantly updateable. Via our tailor-made digital LED displays, you can either play corporate videos that express a clear, powerful branding message. Waiting time in the lobby is no longer just a waste. Instead, it now becomes a perfect timing to promote your corporate identity.

Why choose My Choice LED’s digital signage?

Our LED displays deliver seamless images that captivate visitors and promising partners. Besides indoor and outdoor displays, we provide flexible solutions to fit almost any size, shape and curve your retail space as required. Here at My Choice LED, we strive to help our customers materialize their creative ideas. Don’t worry, our professional team will guide you through every step of the process from start to end, ensuring everything is on the right track.


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