Healthcare is playing a greater role throughout people’s lives. Enhancing the total healthcare experience has thus become a major task for practitioners involved. To this end, almost all healthcare organizations and hospitals worldwide unanimously resort to LED displays, seeking for better interaction among professionals, patients as well as management.

Focused on transforming the healthcare industry, My Choice LED provides innovative and state-of-the-art LED displays that suit for various occasions from information desk all the way to medical diagnosis and treatment. We offer a network of medical imaging solutions that deliver the complete picture so that more appropriate decisions could be made. We help to enhance doctor-patient relationship by enabling patients to be more informed and trust their doctors more.

Hospitals or healthcare organizations can flexibly use images, video or relevant news feeds to interact with patients and visitors for the following purposes:

For Healthcare Education

LED screens could be installed in waiting areas to display important health information and lifestyle choice messages. This can significantly boost clinical performance in every department, saving both time and money.

Healthcare education

LED display in waiting area

For Information Interaction

LED display in queue management

For Disease Diagnosis

LED display in diagnosis

For Disease Treatment

LED display in surgery

It’s how we are there at every stage of the patient journey, striving to enhance clinical practice and the total healthcare experience. We wish to build a world where healthcare is more efficient, personal and affordable to more patients.

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