Sports and Arenas

To capture and maximize the fan experience and also to arouse their passion inside, the top priority for sports and arena management is to create a unique atmosphere. Whether it is an NBA game or a state event, our LED displays specifically designed for live sporting would present you a best solution. With state-of-the-art, innovative and versatile technology, My Choice LED makes a perfect combination of entertainment among online, mobile or social platforms. Increasing fan engagement and revenue generation is the ultimate goal we share with our clients.

Why My Choice LED in sports and arenas?

Many major and minor stadiums, gyms or league teams have chosen My Choice LED’ video display, scoreboard, and advertising solution for their venues, providing a unique game-day experience for both their fans and athletes.

Suitable for outdoor installation

Our products are specially designed for public venues and thus can withstand the demands of different environments. Being weather-proof and with high brightness, easy installation and servicing, My Choice LED’s solutions always stand out among all choices.

Unique design and innovative technology

Video wall and digital signage products at My Choice LED are uniquely designed, aiming at creating eye-catching focal points in stadiums or arenas. With our modular, seamless video wall technologies, innovation and fine work are made possible.

What LED products to be used in sports and arenas?

LED products are widely used on varieties of occasions in sports for purposes of live broadcasting, advertising as well as reaching more spectators.

LED scoreboard
Scoreboard witnesses the rise and fall moments of players and catches the most attention of spectators. A crystal clear LED scoreboard with wide view angle takes your event to the next level.

Digital signage
In large outdoor stadiums, impressive arenas, or in local gyms and training facilities, digital signage can help create the immersive environments that build your brand, provide advertising and informational messaging for fans, and keep them coming back for more.

(Digital signage)

Perimeter displays
The design of our LED perimeter displays incorporates several safety features to protect players and the screen alike. Perimeter displays are ideal for in-event messaging and advertising.

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