Retail and Hospitality

Retail and Hospitality

Competition in the retail and hospitality industry is at all-time-high, which makes it even harder for your company to shine from its numerous counterparts. Featuring fast pace and change, the retail and hospitality industry also demands the trendiest technologies added to promote your products and brands. LED digital signage hence makes its debut, bringing about greater chances for your business to captivate and engage target audience and communicate your brand message in a unique, visualized manner.

Increase sales revenue.

As e-commerce enjoys increasing popularity these days, novel ideas are needed so that physical stores can gain bigger market share. With digital signage and LED display technology, nothing is a problem anymore. Statistics show that 42% of shoppers would rather shop at a store with digital signage; 68% say in store messages sway purchasing decisions and 30% make an unplanned purchase as a result of tempting pictures presented by digital signage.

Engage more buyers and publicize your brand.

Obviously, the benefits are not limited to potential higher sales. Meanwhile, you can instantly update your menu changes, release new arrivals and keep your visitors engaged and informed with our advanced display technology. For sure digital signage can help create the immersive environments that build brand and keep customers coming back for more.

Why choose My Choice LED’s digital signage?

Our LED displays deliver seamless images that captivate and convert visitors into buyers. Besides indoor and outdoor displays, we provide flexible solutions to fit almost any size, shape and curve your retail space as required. Here at My Choice LED, we strive to help our customers materialize their creative ideas. Don’t worry, our professional team will guide you through every step of the process from start to end, ensuring everything is on the right track.

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