Tourist Attractions

Today, tourist attractions across the world are faced with the challenges of attracting more visitors and exploring new revenue streams as a result of fierce competition. To stand out among diversified attractions, both newly emerging and already existing, a surprise move is needed. In our rapidly digitizing world, people want to engage more in the experience and participate actively, not just taking whatever offered passively. Tourists are no exceptions.

Experience is the key to success.

That’s why all tourist attractions need to push the envelope to offer bigger, better and more impressive experiences – to keep audiences away from the lures of home entertainment and the vast array of alternatives, and make them come back, repeatedly.

It’s essential to engage visitors from the moment they walk through the door or step on your attractions. In other words, to leave them a good impression is of crucial importance. And attractive visualization plays a significant role in this – because you never get a second chance to make a first impression.

Whether it is national parks, historic cultural heritages, theme parks, museums, exhibitions, renowned architectures and statues, My Choice LED’s full range of networked technology enables you to entertain tourists with a rich and rewarding experience, communicate the right information at the right time, educate and stimulate visitors via collaborative tools, and keep your visitors and assets safe at the same time.

How LED displays can be applied in attractions?

LED displays could be widely applied in lots of locations and on different occasions at a tourist attraction. In the ticket hall LED displays are needed to serve as information board. You may also need a massive, high-resolution LED wall to play videos that introduce your marvelous stories and unparalleled advantages to visitors. Even, some creative elements can be added to attract visitors.

For example, Wesley Clover Parks in Ottawa launched Magic of Lights, a drive-through holiday light display to draw visitors’ attention. Nearly one million LED lights are spread over two kilometers, including a 200-foot light tunnel and large LED displays of some favorite winter characters like snowmen, elves and more.

Magic of Lights at Wesley Clover Park

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