Engage Series 8.33S

• Seaworthy display
• Slim design for easy integration
• Hermetically sealed and fanless 
• Simple control
3d capability Yes (L/R separate, side by side, 120 Hz)
avg power consumption 220 W/m² (max 660 W/m²)
brightness 5,000 nits
certifications CE, ETL/UL, FCC Class B, WEEE
colors 281 trillion
contrast ratio 2,600:1
curve capability Through replaceable dowels (standard dowels: radius +4m / +8m / -7.5m / -10m / -22m)
hor. viewing angle 120° @50% brightness
humidity 10% / 99% (operational)10% / 99% (storage)
interfaces/ports x2 HDMI link
ip rating IP65
led type 3-in-1 SMD
lifetime 100,000 hours @ 50% brightness
link interface NNI interface (HDMI connector)
max link length 3 m (via Barco HDMI cable)300 m (via Barco fiber solution)
max power cascade connection 20 tiles
max. hanging 25 tiles
max. stacking 12 tiles (with Barco foot mechanics)
operation power voltage 200-240 V / 50-60 Hz
pixel density 14,400/sqm1,338/sqf2,304/tile
pixel pitch 8.33 mm
processing 16 bit/color
refresh rate 3,200 Hz
shaders Clickable (replaceable without tools)
source compatibility (with digitizer) CVBS, YC, YUV, RGB, DVI (single and dual link, up to 2048 x 1536), SDI, HDSDI, Dual link HDSDI
temperature range -20°C / +45°C (operational)-20°C / +60°C (storage)
tile size (wxhxd) in mm 400 x 400 x 68 mm
typhoon rating Typhoon marine
vert. viewing angle -60°/+50° @50% brightness
weight 7 kg/tile44 kg/m²
CAT # OLD-003
Name Engage Series 8.33S

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