The Application of Mini LED Display in the Consumer Electrics Market Forecasted by My Choice LED

The Application of Mini LED Display in the Consumer Electrics Market Forecasted by My Choice LED

New York, Oct 20th, 2018 – My Choice LED, world’ s top LED display and LED solutions provider, offering professional outdoor & indoor full-color LED production system to guarantee the high quality LED screens and video walls, as well as message signs for the worldwide requirement. Besides all the above-mentioned, we also focus on the development of the LED industry to follow up the updates to forecast the future of LEDs.

Mini LED, which is one of the key technologies in 2019 that will enter the display field of consumer electronics. In addition, according to marketing prediction, the micro-LED technology that has gained much attention in recent years is expected to be applied to displays on the market in 2021.

With high brightness and high contrast, Mini LEDs will have the opportunity to compete with OLEDs in cinema displays and home theater displays, the development of Mini LED is expected to accelerate in the next two years. At present, many LED manufacturers and panel manufacturers have begun mass production of Mini LED products, such as the mini LED backlighting for gaming displays offered by Lexta, and Epistar will offer RGB Mini LED packages for both Chinese and Korean customers for indoor and outdoor signage.

“Micro-LEDs, as the next-generation display technology that has attracted industry-wide attention, continue to advance with the efforts of global experts. The integration of the supply chain is critical to the development of micro-LED technology,” emphasized by Catherine White, the marketing directory of My Choice LED, who also claimed that, “The yield of epitaxial wafers is critical to the chip process and can also impact the cost of subsequent repairs. Since cost is the most basic issue in the production of micro LEDs, it is necessary to solve the difficulties in each process of micro LED manufacturing.”

At this stage, many companies have begun vertical integration to promote the development of micro-LED technology. For example, the Foxconn Group is working with LED manufacturers Epileds and AOT, mass transfer solution provider eLux, panel makers Innolux and Sharp to integrate its micro-LED development. South Korean giant Samsung is also rumored to cooperate with Taiwan’s micro-LED startup PlayNitride and Chinese LED manufacturer Sanan to develop the micro-LED technology.

It is predicted that the application of micro LEDs on medium-sized displays (such as TVs and game monitors) may begin mass production in 2021 with the development of industry’s drivers. There is no doubt that mini-LED and micro-LED will be the future trends in consumer LED markets, more efforts taken by developers will make them more cost-saving and convenient to apply in various fields.

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