My Choice LED Video Wall: Powerful with Seamless Images and Excellent Optimal Characteristics

My Choice LED Video Wall: Powerful with Seamless Images and Excellent Optimal Characteristics

New York, September 28th, 2018 – My choice LED, the world’s top LED display and screen products provider, offering popular LED video walls for worldwide customers. In the product list, Laser video walls, LCD video walls, LED Rear-projection Video Walls are included. With the large collection of video walls that are featured of seamless images, scalability to any size or shape, and excellent optimal characteristics, this series can help to offer the most appropriate solution to satisfy the demands of users.

According to a survey of LED screen industry, video wall technology is becoming increasingly popular compared to other kinds of LED display products. As is known, video walls only are available in gymnasiums, shopping centers and casinos ten years ago, however, with the proliferation of disruptive technologies, these types of installations are applied in almost all industries.

As two of the most popular video wall products being chosen by many customers, LCD is more popular than the LED video walls, but LED video walls is catching up due to the relatively lower manufacture cost. The LED video wall consists of a Direct View LED display that works together as a unit to display content as if it were a screen. LED screens are very efficient because each component is responsible for conducting and emitting its own light.

With the continuous development of LED market, pixel density is increasing dramatically, thereby, the factors that are used to separate LEDs from LCDs is rapidly shrinking. The LEDs used in the video wall are special because the display can achieve "real black", which is achieved by coating each LED with a black resin epoxy.

“LEDs are a very efficient application for the high-impact visual effects required for video wall installations. As a technology that is featured with clear picture, flexible intergration, and affordable hardware, it has made great strides over the past decade,” said Catherine White, the marketing directory of My choice LED, “If it continues to evolve, LED video walls will be the most popular digital signage hardware on the market.”

At present, the LCD video walls offer by My choice LED are available in a variety of sizes and brightness which help our customers can even choose from the diversity advanced features. Besieds, with 24/7 operation, modularity, high resolution, and low maintenance/operational requirements, our LED video walls have become a popular choice in a variety of environments that require the highest visual impact.

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My choice LED provides consumers with innovative LED display products for various applications to greatly enhance the demands of business shown-up. As a well-recognized industry leader with a decade of production, installation, technical support, My choice LED has gained the global reputation with guaranteed satisfaction from worldwide customers.