LED Display Solutions from My Choice LED

Industries & Solutions

We Offer Creative LED Display Solutions for Every Market

My Choice LED has a large variety of high-quality LED displays that can be tailor-made to suit your different requirements on size and shape. Working with our designers, engineers and consultants, we pride ourselves in providing customized solutions for each and every customer.
Let our team help you make each project unique and attracting.

Sports and Arenas
With state-of-the-art, innovative and versatile technology, My Choice LED provides wide selection of video displays, scoreboards, and advertising solutions for many major and minor stadiums, gyms or league teams, providing a unique game-day experience for both their fans and athletes.

House of Worship
In modern environments, houses of worship are constantly looking for ways to attract and engage as more members as possible. My Choice LED provides LED displays and advanced visual technology to make your congregations more engaged and efficient.

Corporate and Lobby
In today’s ever-changing, competitive business world, My Choice LED delivers brilliant LED displays to help you build a stronger team, enhance employee productivity as well as to establish your corporate identity.

Retail and Hospitality
If you want an LED sign to run mostly monochrome text messages with a minimum amount of graphics, this model’s high-contrast features delivers the good readability you need. The cloud-based control software provides the most effortless user experience to date.

Focused on transforming the healthcare industry, My Choice LED provides innovative and state-of-the-art LED displays that suit for various occasions from information desk all the way to medical diagnosis and treatment.

Going digitalized has become the top priority for educational institutions. My Choice LED offers extensive range of LED school signs and information displays that you can use in the educational field such as Classroom, Reception, Conference Room, Hallways, Auditorium, etc.

Tourist Attractions
With the ever increasing of traffic congestion and security threats, efficient monitoring and total control are of crucial importance for transportation. My Choice LED provides various LED display products in Airport, Metro, Parking, Traffic Management, etc.

Tourist Attractions
Whether it is national parks, historic cultural heritages, theme parks, museums, renowned architectures and statues, My Choice LED’s full range of networked technology enables you to entertain tourists with a rich and rewarding experience.

Trade Show
Presenting fabulous visual effects is key to a successful show. As your reliable source of trade show LED Displays, we take pride in our creative high quality LED displays and believe they certainly will make your booth stand out from the competition.