Video Walls

Compared with other LED displays, video wall technology is becoming increasingly popular due to its ability to deliver seamless images, scalability to any size or shape, and excellent optimal characteristics that make content to be played look great from any angle.

My Choice LED provides high-brightness and full colored LED video screens for nearly all occasions. Our outdoor LED Video Displays are capable of running high-definition ads in any conceivable weather condition and can endure for a long period of time.

LED scoreboardOutdoor LED video walls

Advantages of our video walls:

  • The video wall panel system offered by My Choice LED is a lightweight, modular system of LED panels capable of displaying high brightness and full color.
  • The video wall panel system is mounted on a simple supporting metal framework.
  • A pre-set system arrives with the video wall for the ease of access and installation.
  • The video wall can be used to display vibrant, dynamic, and full colored content in real time.
  • The video wall can be produced at any given size.

A large collection of video walls are available at My Choice LED. Below please check out what are of your interest and don’t hesitate to speak with our sales representative with your thoughts.

Laser Video Walls

My Choice LED offers more bright and energy-efficient laser video walls.

Our laser video walls can create stunning visual effects and are energy efficient with long lifetime. The Laser Series comes with much higher brightness levels in contrast to any other rear-projection video wall. Different resolutions and cube sizes are optional.

LCD Video Walls

My Choice LED offers high-performance LCD video walls with brightness & reliability.

Our LCD video walls are available in a range of sizes and brightness levels. Customers can even have a broad selection of premium features. Whatever your choice is, we will provide purpose-built video wall to meet your requirements.

LED Rear-projection Video Walls

My Choice LED offers LED rear-projection video walls with precise visual performance, 24/7 reliability.

Featuring excellent brightness, color accuracy, precision, and with technologies like LED backlighting and DLP projection, we offer high-quality LED rear-projection video walls to suit your case and environment.

LED Video Walls

My Choice LED offers a wide range of LED video displays to suit various occasions.

With advantages like 24/7 operation, modularity, high-resolution, low maintenance/operation requirements, our LED video walls are becoming a popular choice in a variety of settings where the highest visual effects are demanded.

Video Wall Controllers

Video wall controllers at My Choice LED are featuring unrivaled performance, flexibility, and ease-of-use.

Compatible with our different types of video walls, the controllers can offer the most flexible and user-friendly way to distribute and display any source onto any display.