LED Message Signs/Boards

LED Message Signs/Boards

As a new dynamic advertising medium, LED message signs/boards have become an affordable way to convey messages. With our EMCs (electronic message centers) technology, you can easily display what you want to promote, texts, graphics, video clips or logos, on the electronic message board. Other merits of our products include energy-efficiency, low-maintenance and long life cycle.

My Choice LED’s message signs/boards are changing the way that companies, schools, churches and other institutions promote their services and events. Our high resolution picture quality is exceptional and is sure to catch the attention of passing traffic.

Digit & Price LED Signs

My Choice LED offers digit & price LED signs that are easy to install, maintain and operate.

Our digit & price LED signs can completely suite the needs of station owners and operators as they offer a bright fuel price and space availability display that can be changed instantly and safely, at any time you want, just with the remote within the distance range. Relevant information could be updated instantly.

Digital Signage Player

My Choice LED offers digital signage player to suit the LED displays our customers purchased.

As part of our digital signage solutions, our digital signage players can support remote updates and diagnostics that allow maximum accessibility to deliver information quickly. Most of all, they are reliable because all our players are quality-tested in terms issues like compatibility, playback, etc.

Message Signs

Currently, our LED message signs are being widely utilized by customers from all different industries.

Our LED message signs can be easily programmed with messages, images, and videos depending on your needs. By largely increasing traffic to your business, a quick return on investment and top sales are expected. Data also shows that businesses utilizing outdoor led signage have seen sales increases of 15% to 150%.


My Choice LED provides a wide choices for you to find the right scoreboard ideal for your sports occasion and athletic facility.

Whether you’re looking for a basic scoreboard, or a top-of-the-line full scoring solution, My Choice LED is always there to help. Except for basic functions such as keeping up with the time to balls, strikes and outs, we also offer a variety of upgrades & add-ons options that customers can choose so as to bring out the best game-day atmosphere and attract spectators.