LED Displays

Experience LED Display Expertise.

My Choice LED is a great innovator in fine pitch LED Display solutions with many marvelous installations being erected around the globe. We provide a wide range of LED displays from high resolution indoor displays to full color outdoor displays suited for different venues and various occasions.

With growing presence and prevalence in this space, more and more industries begin to find the incredible utility of digital LED display technology. No matter what type of LED display they choose, indoor or outdoor, providing information to people is the top underlying intention, and catering to large audiences being the second.

We offer quality LED products in several configurations customizable to your application. Below please just check out what are of your interest and don’t hesitate to speak with our sales representative with your upcoming events.

Indoor LED Displays

Increase your sales revenue by advertising with our Indoor LED Displays.

Our wide-ranged indoor LED displays are capable of delivering your promotion content with both vibrant colors and high resolution. With our advanced display system, you can run play-by-play sports updates, provide timely information, or entertain your customers with splendid photo or video materials through the technological leaps of this LED Display.

Outdoor LED Displays

Our outdoor LED displays are versatile and can withstand outside elements with long durability. Display your content on our Full Color or Outdoor Advertising LED Displays now.

Outshine your competitors by using our high quality outdoor LED displays now. These boards can present your content in a rich, vibrant and most satisfied manner that is sure to captivate your intended market.

LED Rental Screen

Discover how easy and cost-effective it can be to rent LED panels from My Choice LED. Book your full color LED screen today.

My Choice LED provides full service of LED screen rental from start to finish. Our LED Rental program is the perfect, flexible, and cost-effective solution to bring your vision to life at your upcoming event.